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June 27, 2005



Good to hear you're still doing well. I hope you have the babies home soon.

You've given me so much to look forward to with your stories about the "bring the baby home" outfit and stroller wars. I can't wait (note the sarcasm).


Glad to hear that you and the babies are doing well! As for the computer, it sounds like a hard drive problem to me...

lowercase red

good luck Lola! i hope things start happening for you soon!


I can't believe that you've been working all this time! My OB took me off work at 24 weeks and put me on short-term disability. I can't imagine how miserable you've been.

I've never understood the "bring home the babies outfits" but I can kinda see it now. We took some pictures of me being wheeled out of the hospital and we were stopped by A MILLION people who wanted to see the twins, so I'm glad we had them dressed nicely. In the end, though, we took the outfits off them when we got home so it was really no big deal.

You're so close now~you've done awesome! Can't wait for your big announcement.

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