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June 03, 2005



Um, yeah, I hear you on the BH contrax that hurt but yet the cervix maintains the status quo. I had some doozies a few weeks ago and spent a few hours in L&D myself. Sorry to hear that you've had to deal with that too. No fun.

Since then, I've had contractions come and go, some I feel, some I don't. I wish I could say they'll go away but we both know that's probably not likely. Great to be in the minority of pregnant women who have painful BH but--thankfully--no dilation with them, NOT.

Hope your uterus calms down soon!


I think tertia (so close, twins in January) also had lots of BH contractions, her cervix did the status quo thing too, but it drove her a bit batty with worry.



Glad everything is ok. I finally got into my hard head that I really needed to listen to my body and slow down (also my doctor ordered me to). A friend and I were discussing that as every woman and every pregnancy is different, it is hard to apply the same rules to everyone. Especially those women who tell you they were working full time up to the day the baby was born or who did aerobics class the day they went into labor.

Take care of yourself and your babies...there is plenty of time for work later...


Hey, are you okay? I'd love an update!

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