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March 17, 2006



I hear you with the stupid things people say to twin moms!! It drives me crazy, sometimes I feel like a freak show.

I am still trying to get past my IF and lately I have just realized... Hey I actually have twins its time to enjoy them as it is something I have always wanted and never thought I would have. I am glad I read your post, you are right they truly are a blessing.

Take care and enjoy


That's it, I'm moving to Africa!

Isn't it the worst when people try and feel sorry for you about having twins. I could write a list of what "not" to say to a tired new mom of twins.


If I had a dollar for everyone who exclaims, 'Ooh, double trouble!' I would be rich...


Hello . . . found you via Soralis.

I'm sorry to hear that the insensitive comments don't ever seem to end . . . I think every child is such a gift and twins are a double blessing!

Great story from the Nigerian woman!

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