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September 22, 2005



You might try a non-dairy diet for Nathan for a few weeks and see if his fussiness subsides. It worked for my little one.


Here's my assvice:

As to quitting:

Don't lie, don't equivocate, just write her a nice straightforward letter telling her that you have decided to stay home with the boys. Be professional, say something positive about working with her/at that place and do not apologize. You have every right to choose to stay home.

The only caveat is if you've accepted paid leave. Did you?

As to the fussy baby:

Smack that f'ing doctor upside the head, what a dumbass! He/she should take you seriously and do some work. Could he have reflux? He should not be that miserable. From what you said he's not following a colic pattern, he's unhappy throughout the day, correct? Are you BF or FF or both? Does he arch his back after eating? PUSH the Dr to give you more help than what you got.

Good luck, newborns are hard and twins are more than double the work I'm sure.


Don't know about the job stuff, but we survived colic. We didn't have reflux or lactose issues, just the usual unspecified crying bouts during the evenings. I used the sling a LOT in the early months and that kept her pretty happy.
I liked "The Happiest Baby on the Block" when I read it, because it said to do what I was already doing and made me feel quite affirmed.

Another twin mom


I have 3-1/2 year old Clomid babies. No need to feel bad by doing some complaining. The first few months are definitely tough. My girls were born at 31 weeks. Came home 4 weeks later at 4-1/2 pounds and never, ever slept. I didn't know you could be so tired.

Both my girls had colic. My doctor took me serious and had her fantastic nurse practicioner work with us on trying different things. The final diagnosis was colic. My girls were generally fussy throughout the day and then cried/screamed at night. I too recommend the Happiest Baby on the Block. We had a white noise machine that helped with the Shushing "S". The techniques in the book helped but unfortunately, I was the only one that could get it to work and there were two babies. The girls stopped screaming at the 3 month adjusted timeframe but they were still generally fussy kids for alot of the first year (they went to daycare and were sick alot - that didn't help).

Good luck!


As a mom of twins, with one VERY fussy baby and one quite happy one - this is based on my experience...

Our crying Roark has been a challange. He cried 12 hours a day - if he was awake, he was freaking crying. Seriously. And it was horrible. So - we took to self-diagnosing and found out that Prevacid helped calm him a bit meaning he must have reflux. Then we switched him to Nutramigen formula and he is a new baby - NO crying unless he is tired or hungry. So - reflux + milk allergy = very irritable baby and very grumpy parents. He also used to be pretty constipated...but that is better with the new formula.

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