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November 18, 2004



I am getting my beta the same day as you and had to cancel plans to see my folks as they didn't want me flying in case I was with child. So if it is negative, I will be sad and without my mom. I am wondering now whether I should have kept the reservations anyway but my Mom-I-L is already getting the big feast ready here as my DH and I will be here. I guess I should be happy that I will have family either way with me and not have to cook the BIG TURKEY!

I hope you get what you really want this holiday. It is a hard time as everyone is supposed to be "happy." Again, thanks for writing your blog. It has brought me a lot of comfort.


No, you are not the only one who goes crazy this time of year. It's hard to have that reminder come around once again. Oh and your logic about having the "good stuff" does not sound shallow to me! :)

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