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October 21, 2004



At least now you have told them. If the information will actually stay put, that's another story. But I can't imagine that they would be alienated by this, or then they really aren't your friends, only pretending to be.

And telling someone to just relax should be illegal!!!


I'm glad you told them. Good for you. And the next time that someone starts with the 'if you just give up' crap, just point them over to my blog and my sad excuse of a life...that should sober anyone up to the reality of it all. I should be on my third kid by now if that urban legend was true. Remember, I'm the different kind of urban legend -- the one who defies statistics and stupid, asshat advice.

Asshats. All my friends were like that and I couldn't get them to stop so I just don't talk to them anymore and honestly, don't care.


I fantasize about doing what you just did. Such a weight off just to let go and tell every "newly pregnant"/"frequently pregnant"/"former seemingly infertile but clearly not" to fuck off and and if you dont mind please just mind your own fucking business and can we just talk about something else. Oh to see their gob-smacked faces. Hopefully before my infertility time is over I get to say that just once.


I have the same retrieval date as you. My 1st IVF cycle was cancelled due to an unexpected drop in the estrogen level.

I am glad you touch on the topic of other people's fertility for granted. My best friend gets pregnant everytime her husband comes near her, 2 kids in 2 years. Another friend was doing IUI and got #1, and then was an Urban Legend and 5 months postpartum found out she was 4 months pregnant. Yet another buddy had 2 kids in 2 years. As expected, I have been hanging out with my friends with no kids more often than not.

Thanks for your blog. I have enjoyed reading it.

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